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Roberta Mudge Humble, with the many Rhode Island-themed games and books she has created through the years. PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Roberta Mudge Humble, with the many Rhode Island-themed games and books she has created.

Here are some of the best-selling books and games about Rhode Island.

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Rhode Test
Trivia game
(original 2009 sold out; re-issued  2019)

The game that challenges your knowledge & memories of the nation’s smallest state:  Rhode Island.   Show what you know about Rhode Island’s:
* Favorite Foods   *Geography     *Businesses    *Language/Words   *People
*Colleges   *Museums    *Cities & Towns   *Entertainment   *Parks & Beaches
*Roads & Routes   *Sports   *Symbols & Traditions   *Firsts, Bests, & Uniques


Rhode Map
Trivia Game with 2 jigsaw puzzles & 200 questions

The unique puzzling game with 100 cards (200 trivia questions) and two 3″x5″ jigsaw puzzles.  Rhode Map comes in a metal box with window top (instructions for game included).  This game highlights where things are in Rhode Island — and a bit of Rhody geography, too.  For two or more players.  


Rhode Block
 (card game)

The unique Rhode Island card game which is easy to play but hard to win.  Deck of 52 cards (with 2 other cards for cover and back); comes in a box that is plastic sealed.  Wonderful game for both adults and families. $15 (includes shipping)
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100_2543 100_2552

Secret Rhode Island  (58 overlooked places on 58 adorable tiny cards)

Not a game but can be made a game, Secret comes in a tiny clear plastic box  2.5″ x2.5″.
Fifty-eight tiny cards showing 58 fabulous but often overlooked places in Little Rhody (one or more in each of the 39 cities/towns).  Color cards. And what is the secret of Rhode Island? There is a staggering number – and these are secrets which need not be kept.  This box contains 58 cards with places that many Rhode Islanders (and guests and tourists) never knew about or may never have seen. Everyone seems to know The Breakers in Newport and Slater Mill in Pawtucket – but how many know the Summit General Store in  Coventry or the Baker Street Fire Museum in Warren?  $12 (includes shipping) />


 I am Rhode Island cover   100_2569

I am Rhode Island     (trivia game about RI)

This is a most colorful trivia game with questions on one side (both question and bonus question) and picture of the answer on the reverse side.  Comes in a delightful clear plastic box measuring 3.75″ x 3.75″.  $18 (includes shipping)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________Photo cover of The RIght to Crow

The RIght to Crow: A Look at Rhode Island’s Firsts, Bests, & Uniques (book)

A look at Rhode Island’s best including chapters on the 39 cities & towns and the 12 colleges with their bests.  A list of the state’s symbols and a chronology from 1636 of Rhode Island’s finer or more unusual moments in time are all included.  Best seller. $15 (includes shipping)

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Photo of cover of windmill book   Book cover in color with edge

Rhode Island’s Friendly Faces:
On the Rhode with the Old Windmill

A children’s book (ages 7 and up) with the Old Windmill from Prescott Farm in Middletown as the key figure.  He tours the state to see his “brethren” the other historic sites – and the foods and culture of Rhode Island.  Adults love the humor; children love the story and the pictures.
$15 (includes shipping)

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Little Rhody & the Other 49    (book)

A compariosn of Rhode Island to the other 49 states, this book is packed with dazzling pictures of the best of America — and every state is shown as remarkable, especially Rhode Island. $16 (includes shipping)

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Sing Rhode Island
    (book comes with CD)

A very dramatic book with Rhode Island lyrics set to familiar tunes (such as “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”).  Humorous and informational —  wonderful for both adults and children.  Comes with a CD (keyboard and vocal — and plain keyboard for the karaoke-inspired). $15 (price includes shipping)

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Big RI Quiz booklet coverThe BIG Rhode Island Quiz   (booklet)

A tiny booklet (in black and white) with over 120 questions about Rhode Island, including the categories of people, businesses, foods, historic sites, villages, cities & towns, basic history & geography, colleges, entertainment, and more. $9 (includes shipping)

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The Historic Armories of Rhode Island    (book)

The glorious 18 historic armories of Rhode Island are documented with many early photographs. These buildings were a part of the community’s life as well as a part of our state’s military. Co-authored by Colonel Howard F. Brown.  Only a few of these books remain and are available at the Westerly Armory.  $20

Rhode Island for the Native & the Naive    (game & puzzle book)

A game book suitable for those who know little about Rhode Island as well as those who know a bit more. The book contains crosswords, jumbles, picture ID, word searches, scrambles, fill-ins, multiple choice, matching, and more.  Answers are found in the back. Inner pages are on flat paper for writing answers.  Perfect for those who like to sit and do puzzles. $15 (includes shipping),

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100_2269   100_2250
The Rhode Island Card
   (plastic card – size of credit card)

Made of plastic and the size of credit card – comes with white cardboard cover.
Rhode Island firsts on one side and Rhode Island uniques on the other.  Wonderful gift and great for businesses as hand-outs  – meant for wallets and prizes. $6.00 (includes shipping)
Note: cockatoo Caleb does not come with card.

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