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Note:Not all stores carry all books or games. Call first to check.

Sold at: Benny's state wide

Barrington Books, 184 County Rd
     Linden Place Gift Shop, 500 Hope St

Twice-Told Tales, 2145 Broad St
          785-9599 (Pawtuxet)
My Little Town, Garden City (open Nov-Jan)
          (near where Borders was)

     Benny's, 495 Tiogue Ave

     Jungle Junction, 1270 Mendon Rd
          334-9611 (yes, it's a bird store)

East Greenwich
     Print Shops Inc., 70 Cliff St

Little Compton
     Wilbur's General Store, The Commons
Hearthside House, 677 Great Road
Bookstore, 1762 Louisquisset Pike
     Island Books, 575 East Main Rd
     Only in Rhode Island, Longwharf Shops
     Island Books, 135 Spring St
CCRI Bookstore, 1 John H Chafee Blvd
North Kingstown
Wilson's of Wickford, 35 Brown St
     Slater Mill Gift Shop, 67 Roosevelt Ave
     Books on the Square, 471 Angell St
South Kingstown (Kingston & Wakefield)
     URI Bookstore, Memorial Union
          874-9094 (50 Lower College Rd)
     Pettaquamscutt Historical Society
          Gift Shop, 2636 Kingstown Rd
     Basketcase, 343 Main St, Wakefield
     The Open Door, 315 Warwick Neck Ave
     CCRI Bookstore, 400 East Ave
     Rhode Island Souvenirs,
Airport Plaza
          691-3433 (under Walt's Roast Beef)
     Westerly Armory, 41 Railroad Ave
 596-8554 (open Mon & Thurs only)
     McQuade's Marketplace, 106 Main St
The Other Tiger, 90 High St
(does not carry Sing RI)
 Benny's, 248 Post Road, Dunn's Corners

The BIG Rhode Island Quiz
DVD or Booklet

DVD:  The perfect gift for people who love Rhode Island and want to be tested on their knowledge of the state.  Over 100 questions with multiple-choice answers you can click on with your television remote (or computer mouse).  Watch this with friends and family to see who knows the most -- and learn while you laugh.  Rhode Island has quite the resume. Sells in stores for $9.99.

DVD The BIG Rhode Island Quiz
Price includes shipping

Booklet The perfect stocking stuffer and co-gift with the DVD of same name.  This tiny booklet (4" wide, 5 1/2" long) is in black-and-white (color cover) with the same questions as in the DVD.  Answers are found in the back of the book. Sells in stores for $6.99.

Booklet -- The BIG RI Quiz -- Price includes shipping

Sing Rhode Island
Songs about America's Smallest State

A brand new book of lyrics to 25 songs
Comes with a CD
(singer versions plus karoake versions)

Click here to listen to a short song.

Then click to listen to the Sakonnet Bridge Song (longer one). Song

Songs about Rhode Island's state symbols, history, geography, people, colleges, militia units, foods, restaurants, driving entertainment, state styles, and opinion.  Learn and laugh - sing along -- Sing Rhode Island.

Sells in stores for $10.99.

Click here to watch Dan Yorke talking to Roberta Mudge Humble about Sing Rhode Island (a 22-minute show): http://www.foxprovidence.com/myritv/dan-yorke-state-of-mind

Sing Rhode Island
Price includes shipping

Little Rhody & the Other 49 
A book by Roberta Mudge Humble

A look at some of the more fascinating points about 49 of our states and how
Rhode Island compares.  Loaded with color pictures of the best of America and, of course, Rhode Island. Based on the presentation given to the National Conference of Secretaries of State in 2010, this book will open your eyes and make you chuckle.  America is wonderful, especially Rhode Island. Sells in stores for $14.

See a short home-made video at:

Little Rhody & the Other 49 (includes shipping)

Rhode Scholar
trivia game

third game that greatly challenges your knowledge
of the many aspects of Rhode Island. ($12.00 in stores)

Rhode Scholar was designed after Rhode Test (2009) which sold out quickly.  It seems that Rhode Islanders delight in facts about their state. Scholar is more difficult than Rhode Test because it includes two new areas:  Rhode Island Villages and National Register Sites (in Rhode Island). These two categories occupy over sixty percent of the game. Besides these categories, the game includes Rhode Island people, cities & towns, sports, buildings, museums, and businesses. Printed in black ink on ivory paper, the game is meant to teach as well as amuse.  It comes in a cute metal box and includes a set of instructions for play.

Sells in stores for $12.

Rhode Scholar game (includes shipping)

The bragging book
of Rhode Island


The RIght
to Crow:

A Look at Rhode Island’s Firsts, Bests, & Uniques

by Roberta Mudge Humble


To see a video about the book, click here.

One of the top-selling & most well-loved books about Rhode Island of all time. This is the bragging book of Rhode Island. Small & tightly packed like the state, the book shows off Rhode Island – reaching all 39 cities and towns and including the 12 colleges, the state symbols, & a chronology from 1636 -- and it has over 200 color photographs.  ($10 in stores)

The RIght to Crow (book)
price includes shipping

Rhode Side (trivia game)
The colorful picture game that tests your familiarity
with Rhode Island road-side sites.

Supplies are limited for this game.

To read The Providence Journal's article, click


(Sells in stores for $20)

Rhode Side (game)
price includes shipping


Rhode Island's Friendly Faces:
On the Rhode with the Old Windmill

A truly Rhode Island book for the entire family
Text by Roberta Mudge Humble 
Illustrations by John G. Humble
Click to see a video

The Old Windmill from Middletown is an engaging character who finds himself lonely and tours the entire state, visiting many other Rhode Island historic sites.  You will laugh, learn, and cheer with the Windmill as he finds delight and surprise with the uniqueness of the smallest state.  Both adults and children will enjoy and learn much about Rhode Island through this book which highlights Rhode Island's historic architecture, in addition to Rhode Island culture.  Encourage your children and grandchildren to learn about Rhode Island's historical and cultural heritage.  ($10 in stores)

RI's Friendly Faces (book)
price includes shipping



The book that tells the story of
Rhode Island's 18 historic armories:

The Historic Armories
of Rhode Island
Click to see a home=made video about the book.

Learn the history of Rhode Island's 18 historic armories.  Loads of black & white pictures documenting the past of the armories as well as the present.  Written by Professor Roberta Mudge Humble & Colonel Howard F. Brown.

             The 18 Historic Armories of Rhode Island
Woonsocket Armory
Gloucester Light Infantry Armory
Pawtucket Armory
Armory of Mounted Commands

Providence  Armory
Benefit Street Arsenal
Pawtuxet Rangers Armory
Warwick Kentish Artillery Armory

Warren Fed Blues Armory
Warren Artillery Armory

Newport Armory
Bristol Train of Artillery Armory

Varnum Memorial Armory
Armory of the Kentish Guards

Naval Reserve Armory
Armory of the Newport Artillery

Rodman Hall Armory-Gymnasium

The Historic Armories of RI
price includes shipping

The Westerly Armory

Rhode Island Books & Games

 See a half-hour program about the books and games of Roberta Mudge Humble at:  http://vimeo.com/channels/365354  

See an interview on Channel 12's "Rhode Show"
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