100_2397100_2399The Armory’s hall (drill hall) can be rented for conferences, meetings, receptions, parties, shows, and events that respect the historic nature of the building.  The hall is 6,000 square feet (60′ x100′) and has a stage  (approximately 24′ x 8′), a very large motorized screen, audio system with cordless or corded) microphone or cordless head mikes, a hardwood floor, and high ceilings as well as brand new HVAC (heat and air conditioning). There are ceiling fans and some special lighting.

The hall has a capacity of 300 when set with tables and chairs.  There are 24 round tables and over a dozen oblong tables.  The Armory boasts a state-certified catering kitchen with stainless-steel appliances (gas stove, ovens, convection ovens, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher).  Pictures below and further down:

img_1366       img_1267

Above: The Armory and an anniversary banquet.
Below:  Special wedding (chairs are not Armory’s), patriotic evening, catering kitchen.


100_0266      armory-kitchen

Rates are posted below:

Reservation Fee:  A $100 reservation fee is required at the time of application (for your date) and will be credited towards the rental price. A refund may be given ONLY if cancellation of the event is announced to the Armory’s manager 30 or more days prior to the event.

Rental Fees:  Rental rates are as follows:

$1,500 which includes the following:

Time: 5 hours for access to Armory (for such as decorating) and 6 hours for the reception/event including take-down/clean-up**
      Note:  overtime:  Fee for each additional hour:  $100/hour

     **Clean-up and take-down are required to be completed by the renter.  For an
additional fee of $400, clean-up and take-down will be done for you.

Rental includes use of drill hall (60’ x 100’) and rest rooms, and catering kitchen (includes use of stoves/oven, refrigerator/freezer – note that any cooking is limited in the kitchen to 4 hours.

Use of Furnishings
      up to 10 rectangular tables (8’x2.5’’) and 22 (60”) round tables
up to 300 chairs (grey) (padded seats and backs)
podium (with small speaker inside)

**a sound system (2 large speakers, 2 microphones, sound board) is available for use
at an additional fee of $100

***white chair covers ($1.25 each), colored chair bows ($1 each),
and linen tablecloths ($8 each) can be rented.

Police officers and/or firefighters may be required and, if so, their fee is additional to the above.
Liability insurance is REQUIRED.  Ask for the Policy & Use document from the manager.
(401) 596-8554  or

Rental application form:  Rental application form 2016

100_2390 100_2385100_2386  White chair covers; pink, green, & white bows.
Below. wedding reception, pitch tournament, front door of Armory with bride & groom.

IMG_1270-300x225   img_2814