The People’s Museum at the Westerly Armory is open on Mondays AND Thursdays from 9-4, and some holiday Mondays. There is no charge for tours. The Armory also has a library of military books and books about Rhode Island and the Westerly-Pawcatuck community.


The Armory is not just military. Its museum features memorabilia from the community, but also items which have come across time. The military collection is principally local showing uniforms and artifacts from those of the community who have served our nation.

Westerly Women’s Corner features some of the accomplished women of the community. A sports area displays local sports teams and players from the past to the present. There is Navy Corner, Korea Corner, Coast Guard Corner, displays of hand-made model planes of WWII, Vietnam Corner, and much more.

The main museum room is on the first floor.  Two more are on floor 2. If you are up to the task, you can be escorted around the entire Armory building to see what they built in 1901.100_4530-199x300

The Armory Library has over 2,000 volumes. The book are in three categories:  Rhode Island, Westerly (and other area communities), and military. People are welcome to borrow books for research or reading pleasure.